What happens to your social media account after your death?

Social media plays a very important role in our lives. Through this, social opportunities have also been created with strangers, discovering new things, making new friends and expressing their opinions and thoughts.

No problem when you run your own social media account. But have you ever wondered what would happen to this digital entity after your death? The answer to this question is bound to be different in terms of different social media. Because different social media platforms have different privacy policies.

Let’s know, from Facebook to Twitter, what will happen to your account after you die.


If you wish, the Facebook authorities will close or continue your Facebook account after your death. If you want your Facebook account to continue to be remembered even after your death, the Facebook authorities will display the word ‘Remembering’ next to your profile name. However, after your death you will need to send a legal agreement or a copy of the will to Facebook about who will operate your account. It will tell you your relationship with that person and his name. After the death certificate, the person will be able to bring your account to your account by showing the death certificate.


YouTube has also given its users the chance to determine the future of their accounts after death. This has been very useful for those who open a channel on YouTube and earn millions of dollars. In this case all you have to do is send a legal document or document to the YouTube authority regarding who will operate your YouTube channel after you die. If you don’t want it, the YouTube authorities will shut down your channel yourself. Unless a YouTube channel runs an activity for a certain period of time, it is automatically terminated by the YouTube authorities.


Instagram’s policy is the same as its parent company Facebook. Instagram account can also be closed or kept as a memory after death. However, this decision is not in your hands. After your death, the person who can show your death certificate or death certificate to Instagram will be able to take control of your account. He will decide whether your Instagram account will be active or closed.


Twitter does not have a separate policy for what happens to your Twitter account after death. But according to Twitter policy, after your death, anyone in your family will be able to close your account In this case, he should provide proof that he is a member of your family. Twitter will remove your posts, photos and accounts upon request. And you must also show your death certificate or death certificate to the Twitter authorities.


Within just a few years, the social media has become quite popular. If you want your Quora account, you can still keep it as a memory after your death. That’s why anyone who wants to run your Quora account after your death has to show your death certificate to the Quora authority.

What will happen to the social media account user name after death?

Each social media platform, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, has a unique ‘user name’ for each user.

LinkedIn and Facebook will be able to pass it on to someone else after your death. But Instagram, Twitter and Google will not give your username to anyone else.

How long will your account remain active after death?

Your Facebook account will remain active as long as no one is notifying the Facebook authorities about your death.

The LinkedIn account will also be closed immediately after reports of death.

The Pinterest account can never be closed.

Twitter can be closed after 3 months.

Google will close your account as soon as you receive the news of your death.



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